Motor Racing Photo Archive

Welcome to my Motor Racing Photo Archive.

Every motor racing enthusiast has their favourite period. It might be pre-war, the 1950’s, the turbo era or the millennium years. As far as I am concerned I am fascinated by them all. The first event I remember attending was at Oulton Park in 1959 for the annual Gold Cup meeting and I have been going to races, on and off, ever since.

The benefit of attending race meetings up until the 1990’s was access to pretty much all areas, something that a spectator today would find impossible. Catch fencing was rarely seen and some of he safely features seen back then would be frowned upon now. This did have the advantage that spectators could have unhindered views for photographing and meeting their heroes.

Until quite recently cars would be very distinct from one another. A Tyrrell is visually very different to a Ferrari 312 or a March 701. Whilst a Porsche 917 cannot be mistaken for a Ferrari 512.